Friday, May 11, 2018

University of Bologna offer - DL 14.5.2018

fn;quoted-printable:Doc. Mgr. Sl=C3=A1vka Toma=C5=A1=C4=8D=C3=ADkov=C3=A1, PhD.
n;quoted-printable;quoted-printable:Toma=C5=A1=C4=8D=C3=ADkov=C3=A1, PhD.;Doc. Mgr. Sl=C3=A1vka
org:Faculty of Arts;Department of British and American Studies
adr;quoted-printable;quoted-printable:;;Pavol Jozef =C5=A0af=C3=A1rik University in Ko=C5=A1ice;Ko=C5=A1ice;;040 11;Slovakia
title:Head of Department
tel;cell:+421 (0) 905 581 514

The University of Bologna, the Department of Classic and Italian Philology has just opened the usual positions for PhD courses in Literary and Philological Culture:    But in addition to the usual 5 positions with scholarship mentioned in the   online announcement, the Italian research ministry has confirmed the funding of   further 3 grants:  1 in Digital Humanities  1 in Linguistics  and *1 reserved for a foreign graduate* (for the fields of Classical Philology,   Italian Studies , *Linguistics*, Digital Humanities).    For foreigners students, the project can be presented not only in Italian, but   also in English, French, German and Spanish. Written and oral selection exams   can also be held in one of these languages.    Please spread the call (deadline: 14/05 at 13.00) to your students: Bologna is a   very nice place to study, and to study linguistics!    Applications are welcome.    Please refer for the online call for details:    Prof. Nicola Grandi  Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e Italianistica  Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna  Via Zamboni, 32  40126 Bologna  Tel. +39 051 2098567